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Chanel: A Luxury Brand With An Iconic 3D Logo Design

What Makes People Fall in Love with Chanel?

When you think of a designer purchase that emotes “I’ve made it big in life”, Chanel often rings a bell. The classic CC logo emulates a higher standing in society as these lamb skin leather goods cost about $5,000 and upwards. How is that a brand can dominate both in your everyday life and on social media? What is it about the logo, the fashion history, the delicate designs of each item and the stature the brand gives the wearer that calls everyone forward as a Chanel disciple. Why do people trust and love this brand so much?


An Iconic Logo that Screams Chanel

We asked Raffi, an expert 3D logo maker, to help us understand why this brand is at the pedestal of what everyone strives to be. The elegance, class and understated joy of Chanel is every American girls dream to swift away into Paris. Designed in 1925 by the designer herself, Coco Chanel, the same overlapping CC logo design stands the test of time with the brand. The bold, black 3D logo (often found on her classic flap purse, which goes for $5,300 USD in the medium size as of January 2017) since its creation in 1925.


Smart Social Media Presence

Although Chanel established itself as a contemporary, traditional brand that emotes elitism in the international world of fashion, how is it that they paved the way as the leader in high fashion on social media? If you take a look at all the hard work that went into circumventing other well-established luxury brands, Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton to name a few, the brand’s growth has grown by 50% across all social media platforms within the last few years.


One of the most apparent reasons for their great success is their continuous love for video. Using celebrity endorsers to speak about what the brand emulates for them and maintain a continuous schedule on channels such as YouTube is what has garnered loyal and engaged viewers. They also back up their videos with paid promotion to pulsate the amount of impressions each

For all brands, it goes to say that there is no shame in recycling your content. Chanel does this best by posting similar content, with different twists on the subject matter, on Instagram and Facebook along with their YouTube channel. Re-editing the same content to make for a varied product is the best way to lower production costs while also powering through higher engagement levels.

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